TERM OF OFFICE: 2021-2026

BLL MSE Regulations

No Name Course Major Current employment Phone No Email Note
1. Mr. Phạm Chí Cường K4 Ferrous Metallurgy Honored Chairman of Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Sciences and Technology Association 0913236994 Phamchicuong1912@gmail.com Honored Head of Department
2. Mr. Đinh Quốc Thái K24 Metal Forming General Secretary of the Vietnam Steel Association,

Vice-President of the Foundry and Metallurgy Sciences and Technology Association

0913241338 thaidq1963@gmail.com Head of the Committee
3. Mr. Đặng Văn Chung K19 Heat Treatment President of the Adviser Board Việt-Y Aluminum Ltd.Co;

Vice-President of the Vietnam Heat Treatment Association

0984948886 Dangvanchung56@gmail.com Vice-head of the Committee
4. Mr. Nguyễn Đình Hóa K24 Casting Vice-President of the Dong A Mechanics 0836108338 hoanguyenckda@gmail.com Vice-head of the Committee
5. Mr. Nguyễn Đình Phúc K32 Ferrous Metallurgy Vice-President Board of Directors, Vietnam Steel Corporation 0913918182 phucndssc@gmail.com Vice-head of the Committee
6. Mr. Chu Hoàng Đức Anh K51 Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Ministry of Science and Technology 0902152966 Chuhoangducanh.bkhn@gmail.com Standing Vice-head of the Committee
7. Mr. Nguyễn Minh Hạnh K5 Ferrous Metallurgy General Director, Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel JSC 0912004566 Thaoanh.anh@gmail.com Commissioner
8. Mr. Nguyễn Đức Cơ K24 Metal Forming Director of the Hoa Phat Hung Yen steel factory 0904103579 cohuonghp@gmail.com Commissioner
9. Mr. Lê Hồng Minh K27 Hot Forming (Casting) Manager of the Department of Mechanics, Electronics, and Information Technology; National Center for Technological Progress; Ministry of Science and Technology 0913079877 Minhlh2000@yahoo.com Commissioner
10. Mr. Phạm Quý Giáp K36 Metallurgy Director Nghi Son Steel Project 0908738173 Giapk36@gmail.com Commissioner
11. Mr. Nguyễn Tiến Dũng K37 Metallurgy Director Nghi Son Steel Factory 0904056373 dungnt1@vassteel.vn Commissioner
12. Mr. Lê Thái Hùng K39 Metal Forming Vice-Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering 0944910639 Hung.lethai@hust.edu.vn Commissioner
13. Mr. Đỗ Trung Hiếu K39 Materials Mechanics & Metal Forming General Manager of the Việt-Y Aluminium Ltd.Co 0912336833 Hieu.dotrung@gmail.com Commissioner
14. Mr. Nguyễn Quang Tùng K40 Ferrous Metallurgy Vice-Director of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Joint Stock Company 0902095768 nguyenquangtung@hoaphat.com.vn Commissioner
15. Mr. Hồ Đức Thọ K41 Metal Forming Vice-Director of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Joint Stock Company 0904154555 hotho@hoaphat.com.vn Commissioner
16. Mr. Nguyễn Anh Quân K41 Metal Forming Vice-Director of International Relations, Posco Viet Nam 0972896778 nanhquan@posco.net Commissioner
17. Mr. Vũ Lai Hoàng K41 Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Vice Manager of the Education Board, Thai Nguyen University of Technology 0912214433 hoangvl@tnut.edu.vn Commissioner
18. Mr. Phạm Công Dũng K41 Ferrous Metallurgy Vice-Manager of the Office of the VnSteel 0913067274 dungpc@vnsteel.vn Commissioner
19. Mr. Bùi Thanh Cảnh K41 Materials Mechanics & Metal Forming Vice General Director of the Southern Steel LLC. 0908244802 Canhbt@thepmiennam.com.vn Commissioner
20. Mr. Ngô Xuân Hùng K41 Nhiệt luyên Institute for Technology of Radioactive and Rare Elements 0912471757 Manhhunghanoi1@gmail.com Commissioner
21. Mr. Hà Tuấn Hưng K41 Materials Mmechanics & Metal Forming Manager of the Technical Department, Thai Nguyen University of Technology 0915172084 Hunghttisco@gmail.com Commissioner
22. Mr. Nguyễn Thắng K42 Casting INCOM Stock Company 0903269686 Bachkhoak42@gmail.com Commissioner
23. Trần Vũ Diễm Ngọc K42 Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Union Chairman, School of Materials Science and Engineering 0984040017 Ngoc.tranvudiem@hust.edu.vn Standing Commissioner
24. Mr. Phan Trọng Chiến K42 Ferrous Metallurgy Director of the Steel Foundry Workshop; Southern Steel LLC. 0908196837 chienpt@thepmiennam.com.vn Commissioner
25. Mr. Sái Mạnh Thắng K43 Heat Treatment Institution of Rocketry; Ministry of National Defense 0983316239 saimanhthang@gmail.com Commissioner
26. Mr. Phạm Thanh Sơn K44 Metal Forming Vice-head of the Media Department, Vietnam Steel Corporation 0912661196 sonpt@vnsteel.vn Commissioner
27. Mr. Trần Trung Tới K44 Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Union Chairman, Vice-Dean Mineral Engineering Major, Hanoi University and Mining and Geology 0984945502 trantrungtoi@humg.edu.vn Commissioner
28. Mr. Trần Ngọc Bách K44 Casting Manager of the quatest 1 – Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality. 0906264686 bachnt.tdc@gmail.com Commissioner
29. Mr. Trần Anh Tuấn K45 Heat Treatment Director of the R&D center of Tan A Dai Thanh 0963059915 tuanta@meslab.vn Commissioner
30. Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Sơn K46 Heat Treatment Vietnam Defence Industry, General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army  0982813882 son28tccnqp@gmail.com Commissioner
31. Mr. Nguyễn Văn Phòng K48 Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Director, Lam Dong Aluminum LLC. 0973659338  



32. Mr. Nguyễn Tuấn Anh K52 Materials Engineering Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality 0912536998 anhnt.vsqi@gmail.com Commissioner
33. Mr. Trần Văn Thắm K53 Materials Engineering Director of the BDS company 0983621791 toanchatluongcao@gmail.com, Nethousing@gmail.com Commissioner
34. Mr. Trần Đức Anh K55 Materials Engineering National Institute of Medical Device and Construction 0976795655 ducanh188@gmail.com Commissioner
35. Mr. Tạ Đức Anh K56 Casting Chien Thang Ltd Co. 0978696789 ducanhbk4@gmail.com Commissioner


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