To build a national laboratory for metal materials science and technology into a scientific research and training facility, towards regional and international integration.


Scientific research (scientific research) and technology transfer (technology transfer)

  • Strengthen scientific research capacity, promote scientific research and technology transfer activities commensurate with the potential of the staff and facilities of the laboratory. This is the basic task of the laboratory “Metal material technology”.
  • Effectively solve S&T problems raised from the practice of metallurgy and materials technology. Priority is given to interdisciplinary research and application directions.
  • Actively formulate national and international research and development projects and projects in the field of metal materials science and engineering.

Participate fully in the process of preparing human resources

  • Make the most of equipment and facilities for the training of undergraduate majors (Materials Engineering, Materials and Nanotechnology), Postgraduate majors (Materials Science, Engineering). materials) and other training disciplines of the school.
  • Serving practically and effectively for the implementation of the advanced university program (Materials science and engineering).
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