1. History

The history of construction and development of the Department of Material Mechanics and Metal Lamination associated with the development process of Hanoi University of Technology since 1956. Initially, it was only a branch in the Hot Manufacturing Specialist Group. One of the first 4 Faculties of the school – Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy, since 1966 it has officially become an independent subject. In each period of development and maturity of the school, the subject’s name has changed, showing its orientation and scale of development:

  • Before 1966 – Hot Processing Specialist Group;
  • Since 1966 – Department of Metal Rolling;
  • Since 1974 – Department of Rolling, Pulling Metal and Metallurgical Mechanical Equipment;
  • From 1983 – Faculty of Pressure Processing under the school (2-level management);
  • From 1998 – Department of Deformation Mechanics and Metal Lamination;
  • From 2004 to present – Department of Material Mechanics and Metal Laminating.

Over the past 60 years, the Department has trained nearly 900 full-time and in-service Engineers, 10 PhDs, many Masters and Bachelor of Technical Colleges. The highly qualified technical experts created by the Department of Training are serving in many fields of the national economy and national security and national defense, all over the country roads, many people have been and are holding key positions. Responsibilities and senior positions of the Party and Government, in ministries, sectors, in many corporations and large corporations.

2. Teaching and research staffs

The total number of staff in the department is 07 people, all is lecturers.

Researchers: 01 Professor; 03 Associate Professors; 03 PhD.

3. Training

Engineers, masters and PhDs in Material Mechanics and Metal Lamination Fostering and improving professional skills in metal rolling technology

4. Facilities

01 computational simulation room: simulating the number of pressure machining processes

01 metal rolling laboratory

01 experimental workshop: pressure machining methods

5. Research Field

  • Theoretical study of cold rolling and rolling Bimetal steel rolling processes
  • Research on semi-solid pressing technology for metal materials
  • Researching technology and equipment for rolling high-strength low-alloy steel
  • Fabrication of nanostructured materials by intense plastic deformation method
  • Research high pressure pressure technology inside to manufacture complicated parts of cars and motorcycles.
  • Simulation study of large deformation processes; software researches to look up material properties and calculate laminating technology
  • Research wedge-horizontal rolling technology to manufacture mechanical details

6. Scientific service

Technology for manufacturing complex shape details by internal high pressure pressure

Technology for forming aluminum alloy in a semi-solid state

Technology for fabricating metal materials with nanostructured mass

Software calculation and design of metal rolling technology

Construction consultancy for high-yield steel, plate and pipe rolling factories

Train engineers, masters, and seeker in the field of metal machining by pressure

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