1. General information

English name: Department of Non-ferrous Metals and Composite (MC)

Head of Department: Tran Vu Diem Ngoc

Deputy Head of Department: PhD. Dang Quoc Khanh

Address: Room 207, Building C5, Hanoi University of Technology

Phone: 024 38 68 0355


Department of Non-ferrous Materials & Composites, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanoi University of Technology is a specialized unit born right from the establishment of Hanoi University of Technology (1956). The only trainer in color metallurgy in Vietnam’s technical universities. Labor Medal, 3rd class in 1983.

2. Teaching and research staffs:

The Department of Non-ferrous Materials and Composites, with a team of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff in training and scientific research, has trained more than 1000 engineers, college bachelors and nearly 100 masters and Doctors.

The total number of staff of the subject is 08 (06 staff members, 02 staff members).

Researchers: 01 Associate Professor; 06 PhD, 01 Master


Being the only unit in the system of technical universities of Vietnam with the task of training engineers, masters and doctorates in ferrous and composite materials. The Department of Non-ferrous Materials and Composites is a reliable and attractive place for all young people who aspire to be trained at high level.

4. Facilities

02 color metallurgical laboratories 01 laboratory for composite, ceramic and advanced materials

5. Research field

Has done with good results many scientific research topics at all levels: State (13); Ministry (25); Nafosted (3); Facility: (70), participated in many scientific councils to evaluate and evaluate domestic and foreign topics and projects.

Has implemented many economic – technical contracts with production and using facilities: Vietnam Mineral Corporation (Zn, Sn, Pb, Au, Ag, Cu, Al2O3…); lubricating silver, electrical contacts, brake pads,….

Staff in the Department have published many scientific articles published in specialized journals belonging to the system of ISI, SCOPUS, domestically and internationally.

Currently, the subject is focusing on research in the following directions:

Research and apply production technology of non-ferrous metals and alloys (heavy, light, rare, radioactive, ..)

  • Technology for the production of non-ferrous metals
  • Pigment TiO2 Cu-Sn alloy
  • Photo memory meeting

Research, treat and recycle scrap, intermediate products in the production and use of non-ferrous metals

  • Recover copper and zinc from copper cast slag
  • Recovery of zinc from electric furnace dust
  • Recovery of metals from electronic circuit boards Research and synthesis of composite materials: Metal-base composites Ceramic composites Polymer-based composite

Research and synthesize new and advanced materials

  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Ceramic materials: piezoelectric, biomedical, optical, instrument …
  • Materials for environmental treatment.
  • Graphene

6. International cooperation

International cooperation in scientific research and training on Nonferrous Metals & Composites with Laboratories, Faculties, Institutes, Schools of Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Slovakia, Poland …

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